Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bonnie and Clyde - A Tribute To LOVE!

It is a given that to love means having heart aches and pain.

Does this fact mean it is wrong to love or that we should never love? It is only by allowing love, with all its pain, in to our lives and hearts that we can grow to understand what a great gift life is.

Love and loving is never wrong… never! Neither is the pain we feel when suddenly the ones we love are taken from us.

Clyde and Bonnie, siblings that could only meet as they did at The Rainbows Bridge, were taken all too soon from their family, who loved them both and struggle to understand how and why in less than two months, two very young and loving pups where called from this earthly realm to one where we pray someday to reunite.

FLOP had chosen “Little” Bonnie as their September FLOPStar and her Mommy, Angie, was so happy and proud. Which made it all the more painful that she had to inform us of how sweet Bonnie had gotten ill on Wednesday, Sept. 3, and quickly what seemed to have been a reaction to some puppy shots or that she had been exposed to something at the veterinarian’s office had made her very ill. By early Friday morning, Sept. 5, Bonnie could fight no more and went to meet her brother Clyde at The Bridge.

Clyde fought very bravely the effects of diabetes during his short life but the battle proved too much for his fragile body and he journeyed to The Bridge just weeks before Bonnie arrived with her forever family.

It is with a very heavy heart but with the knowledge that for all who love and have loved, we do so not in vain but because that is what life is about… LOVE. Without Love we have no life and nothing to live for. We choose to love even when it hurts.

Clyde and Bonnie’s mother even felt that it was Clyde who led her to Bonnie. Knowing that they are together now may or may not always be of comfort, but we hope they now await the arrival of those they love.

It is because of this love that FLOP has chosen to honor both Clyde and Bonnie as our special September FLOPStar Angels.

We hope you will join us as we celebrate these two young pups and the Love they have given and taught us to have for all.