Saturday, January 8, 2011

Like Riding A Bicycle - Like Writing A Blogg

The question needs to be asked. Is returning to blogging like riding a bike? You truly never forget how to do it.

Next question on my growing list is: What if you were never a great (good or even mediocre) bicycle rider to begin with or for that matter that great (good or mediocre) writer/blogger, how much worse could you be upon returning for yet another attempt? Right. Who really knows and for that matter who really cares?

Not all blogs are of that important a nature or their writer's that concerned with who is reading it or even why. Maybe the reader just can not sleep and doing something is better than tossing and turning. It is said that reading can put one to sleep. (Little known fact, sometimes writing has the same effect.)

Sorry about that. Where was I? Oh, yes. Bicycles and Blogging.

I really loved my bike as a child. Was never a good bike rider but loved the bike anyway. It did give me a small feeling of freedom, but when you are only allowed to ride around two small city blocks, what is there to love. I was also known to have extremely skinned up knees, elbows and what ever else met hard sidewalks and/or stony alleyways.

I really love my blog. Granted it is just a bit off center (yes the pun is intentional) as well as all over the place, which is just like my thoughts. (Could be caused by the fact that I am a Gemini or at my advanced age a suffer of undiagnosed ADD) Which ever it proves to be, I do find some solace in seeing my thoughts written out before me.

I do not intend to impart offence to anyone by blogging these random thoughts, so please accept this apology now, in case you are offended. I would highly suggest that you search (Google) for a blogg or bloggs that will more mirror your personality and "ditto" your thoughts. This is not a blogg for that.

Been many years since I have attempted to ride a bicycle and it will be like never again in the future that I will attempt to ride one. As I tell my Honey-bun (husband), I am not completely stupid here.

Seeing that it has been a year since my last post and now here I am attempting this once again - well, not being completely stupid, there are times I have been known to be a complete nut-job. This may just be one of them.... Anyway, here is to a return of Thoughts that are Just a Bit Off Senter.