Monday, October 12, 2009

Ms. Bean

The Bean Here is the lady as she awaits her check in at Dr. Larry’s. Today was the BIG Day…. Jelli the Bean was spayed.

Wanting to be responsible owners, we know this is what we needed to do… but oh how sad it was to have to leave our baby girl for even 24 hours.

It has taken almost three months for this tiny lady to make her mark on her brother, AJ. Now he would deny this but all day he has roamed the house as if looking for something or someone…. could it be The Bean?

Three calls to Dr. Larry’s office has given some comfort that Jelli is doing great and will be ready to come home shortly after noon tomorrow….

Wonder if we all go to bed now, at 6:30 p.m. if noon tomorrow will get here faster? This is like waiting for Christmas… I miss my whirlwind dashing around and pulling everything she can wrap her teeth around…. including our hearts….

We love you Bean… counting the minutes until we can hug you and bring you home!