Thursday, December 10, 2009

Talented Friends Forever Memories

IMG_0838 Portraits of AJ and Jelli Bean, The Hoosier Hug Pugs and our furkids.

What an amazing gift from The House of Pawz and the talented brush strokes of Michelle Rouse.  We were really blessed by the draw (pardon the pun) in the first ever Dogster Dolls Ornament Exchange.

As a so called artist, I know the difficulty in capturing the essence of a subject in a portrait and animals can be especially hard to convey their personalities. Michelle has a way to quickly and very precisely do just that.

From AJ’s (on the right) overly dramatic brooding of the thinker, to Jelli’s mischievous innocent guile, Michelle captured the soul of our loves.

Thank you so very much and as long as there is breath within me, I will sing of the talents of my dear friend and her House of Pawz. 

HoPMichelle’s personal muses

Gus, Brody, Boo, Raven, Cousin McGoo, & Wheezer

The House of Pawz

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heaps of FUN!

When the wind blows the leaves will fall….

IMG_0774AJ HoosierHugPug has had four Fall seasons under his belt and only gets excited for the leave blanket on the first day. After that he is only concerned with remembering which are his friends and which are not… He seems to have forgotten his attempts to bring his favorite leafs in the house where they would be safe and he could play with them longer…. 


Ms Jelli Bean finds it almost impossible to contain herself after discovering the carpet of brown, yellow and gold. She even pleaded innocent to having anything to do with the state of her yard. “I just came out and it was here. Honest!”, she barked at each leaf.

She also discovered that when she ran through the deep cover there was a crunching sound. She would pause to see where it was coming from but then she did not hear it… We enjoyed her attempts to bring her favorite one in with her for more play.


AJ convinced his sister that if she left them outside they would be well taken care of and there for her to play with the next time she is out.  He is not to sure she will understand when there is all the cold white stuff on top of them just where they have gone… But he will take care of that when it happens…. now he has a sister to avoid and chicken strips to hide….

Good by dear heaps of leafs… See you all later… Like next November…

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Seasons ~ Fall

Fall in Beverly Shores

Acrylic 11x14

An artist can only attempt to capture the beauty and essence of what the Creator has given.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ms. Bean

The Bean Here is the lady as she awaits her check in at Dr. Larry’s. Today was the BIG Day…. Jelli the Bean was spayed.

Wanting to be responsible owners, we know this is what we needed to do… but oh how sad it was to have to leave our baby girl for even 24 hours.

It has taken almost three months for this tiny lady to make her mark on her brother, AJ. Now he would deny this but all day he has roamed the house as if looking for something or someone…. could it be The Bean?

Three calls to Dr. Larry’s office has given some comfort that Jelli is doing great and will be ready to come home shortly after noon tomorrow….

Wonder if we all go to bed now, at 6:30 p.m. if noon tomorrow will get here faster? This is like waiting for Christmas… I miss my whirlwind dashing around and pulling everything she can wrap her teeth around…. including our hearts….

We love you Bean… counting the minutes until we can hug you and bring you home!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday in the City, Deer

Sunday in the City Deer

As I walked into my living room Sunday morning I was blessed by this lone deer in our front yard.

Sunday in the City Deer

So gracefully she sipped the morning rain water that had gathered in pools along our parkway.

Sunday in the City Deer

As an added gift she turned toward our bay window as if to say, “I know your there. Take your best shot now.”

Sunday in the City Deer

Like paparazzi after a celebrity, I attempted to follow as she headed back to the woods. 

Sunday in the City Deer

She slowed as if looking for a hidden door.

Sunday in the City Deer

Pausing, she turned and looked directly at me before walking through her magic door and back into the safety of the woods.


These photographs were taken Sunday, August 30, 2009, at 10;15 a.m., in the 300 block of North Porter Street, Michigan City, Indiana. The woods is in front of our home and is surrounded by houses on three sides and the South Shore train tracks on the fourth side. This is not the first deer to be sighted here in the middle of the city and we often have herds during the winter wander through our yard. We are so blessed to have this patch of seemingly untouched nature within our daily few. 

Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 ~ 1969

The more things change the more they stay the same.

In 1969 if you were younger than 30 years old and over 10 years old you were considered part of the Woodstock Generation.

It was the generation of Peace, Love, Understanding, Enlightenment. Celebrating the diversity of Mother Earth.

Out of the turmoil of assassinations, the Kennedys and Dr. King, along with an unpopular war causing unrest on college campuses and in many communities across the nation, the unrest of civil rights and a not so great economic climate, Woodstock was an almost inevitable happening. As was the Democratic Convention in Chicago just a few years earlier.

The decade of the 60s saw the birth of some of today’s greatest movements and achievements.  We sent men to the moon and discovered that we could save the earth by hugging a tree.

Yet 40 years later we can not guarantee equal rights to all, either by races, gender and/or personal sexual preference. We are yet again in the midst of wars that grow more un-popular by the hour, a world-wide economy posed for fatal collapse  and more willing to hug a tree to save it then to embrace our fellow citizen who may need medical insurance in fear of “socialism”.

What has become of the Woodstock generation? Sadly it seems we have grown into those very adults we rebelled against so long ago.

We find those peace loving, tree hugging, celebitorians of diversity now as over paid CEOs lobbying for more bail-out dollars for corporate America (Government involvement please) while rallying cries of less government for those in need of medical (health) insurance.

Guess we haven’t changed that much after all… we still want it all and believe we deserve it….

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Balancing Siblings

Listen Bean, stick wme I'll show you the good spots.

IMG_0590 IMG_0593


I daily give thanks that I am not the Octomom. Not that I do not love children, as I do and had three of my own.

Tom and I are now very proud and happy parents of two Pugs.

“Okay,” you say, “These are dogs for crying out loud. How can you begin to compare them to human children.”

Well, let me tell you. Siblings are siblings, in skin and in fur. Were there are two or more, be assured there will always be jockeying for your undivided attention.

As the senior ranking Pug in Residence, AJ (he is my Puggy-man) is  feeling that his space and time has been invaded by an alien being. He is ready to join the Boarder Patrol and send Jelli Bean back to what ever land she may have come from.

At the great age of three years in is moving into young adulthood and has left some of his puppy ways behind in childhood. While Bean is a bundle of hyper energy  and wanting to play the way puppies play… a nip here and a yap there. AJ even refers to his sister as Ms. Wigglebutt Yappybaby when she is tormenting him. He will also go to great extremes to be as far from her as possible

Without growls or snaps he just gives a look of, “Why me? What did I ever do to you?”

These tormented looks have brought on guilt and tears from me. I knew he would have to adjust but I did not really think he would make me feel hurt and that I had betrayed him. Yet let her cry or let him think we are hurting her and he is right there to investigate. I think he is just waiting for her to get bigger and not be so nippy and yappy, since he has forgotten what he was like as a pup.

Meanwhile our little 1 pound 5 ounce Jelli Bean is growing into a great personality of her own. As of August 6, 2009, she is tilting the scales at a whopping 3 pounds 12 ounces. She is catching up to where she should be at 10 weeks of age so I guess we are doing something right.

Bean has also learned there is no need to gobble her food as there is no one else she needs to share it with. AJ will not eat “dog food”.

We are delighted and amused as our two youngest children, AJ Hoosier Hug Pug and his sister Jelli Bean, grow in love and trust.

As you can see, AJ is falling under his sister’s spell. Although she is sightless in her left eye having suffered an injury at four weeks of age, the girl is personality plus and full of determination. She has no fear and tries to climb everything, not giving up until she has succeeded.

She will steal your heart with a single glance. As she seems to have done with her AJ and to us as well.

Tom and I are doing our best to give equal quality time to each of their needs. We have Mommy and Daddy time for each separately and jointly, which seems to make sense to the kids.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Ms Anniebelly Bossybritches

090720562 The Bean

 Hi, I am Jelli Bean, but you may call me Jelli or Bean. I have heard a lot about how you just seem to know how to handle your misbehaving brothers, Howie Pee and Java Cheesybritches and I need help.

As the sister of AJ HoosierHugPug ;o], who seems to have the reputation of being a tough Grilla-Guy and does not want any of his buddies, like Howie, Java, Louie or CurlieMoe know he may just have a soft spot for his new sissyfur… ME!

Now, look at this face! I ask you, how could he not just love me? My problem is I want to play and he just keeps running from me. Now I chase him and want him to chase me but he just won’t. I love to play and so does he but right he won’t play with me. What can I do….

Oh, AJ has a special name for me, Wigglebutt Barkiebaby, I think that means he really loves me but just don’t want to let it show. I know I love him and my forever moms & daddy.

Moms said I should ask you for advice on how to help AJ realize how much he really loves me too. I will watch for you advise and remain AJ’s, cute, cuddly baby sissyfur,

Jelli The Bean

Well, Moms Done It Now…


Hey Howie, know what is going on at my house?

090418 AJ & his thinking chair

Well, I will tell you.

Moms has been praying for another pug. I am not sure why when she says I am a pug full, but she was. Then last week she packs up a bag and some stuff… leaves the daddy and me and off she goes.

I am going to see Auntie Sandy,” she says. She is my BBs (Best Buddy) CurlieMoe’s mommy, as well as his sisters, Ms. Oprah and Princess Leia. They live in a far away land called Virginia. I wanted to go with her but the moms said I had to stay and keep an eye on the daddy.

Well, long story short, she was gone a long time. Two whole night sleeps and many naps later the moms came home. But, she was not alone.

090720559 The BeanLook, AJ, I brought you a baby sister,” says the moms. I know almost right away this means trouble. I remembers when your “baby sister”, Annabelle came to live with you and Java. I thought I would have a puggy stroke. (Howie, please do not let those innocent eye fool you… she is smart and plotting something, I can just tell! She may be tiny but she is mighty…. at one pound 8 ounces… all trouble!)

Well, the moms and daddy is calling her, Jelli Bean. Or Bean, or Jelli, or Princess Baby… ugh… almost choke on that one. I call her, Wigglebutt Barkiebaby, cause she wiggles all over and gives me this yappy toy bark like I am really going to listen to her.

Bean has her own bed, food and toys. Know what she does… eats all her food likes we is gonna take it away and then wants to eat mine. She just hops over to my dish and starts eating. This is very rude, right? She really needs to learn some puggy manners… like ask and wait while I decide if I wants to share.

I know you is locked up and down while your knee gets better but if you could find a way to let me know how to handle a Wigglebutt Barkiebaby I will be forever in you debt.

Your Pal in Indiana

AJ HoosierHugPug ;o]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Princess Jelli Bean

jelly_bean3 (2)jelly_bean 1(2) 

Oh, I've seen her in person, she's as delicate as a feather, small as a thimble, pretty as a rose bud and faster than supersonic pug speed, even speed demon AJ will have his paws full.... she is also an extremely charismatic little thing, and yes she would have fit in my pocket! Auntie Aveline   

After asking, begging and giving final ultimatums, Tom has agreed that we can venture into the land of multiple Pugs.

There is a very true saying that Pugs are like potato chips. You can’t have just one.

Princess Jelli Bean, aka Jelly Belly, The Bean, Lil Sprout, Princess, PJB, or Darling, is the daughter of Leia and CurlieMoe Ashby of Grundy, VA., and the niece of Oprah Ashby, Grundy. The union of Leia and CurlieMoe brought a total of 28  puggy paws into a world of Love! Five of Jelli’s siblings have found forever homes near Grundy.

Jelli and her brother, The Goblin, have had to travel many miles to their forever homes. Goblin is living near Baltimore with Auntie Avie, while Jelli will be arriving at her Hoosier Home this weekend.

Hold on AJ, just a few more days and your sisfur will be home.

Oh, Tom, AJ and I want you to know we are very thankful for this gift of Jelli. We know you will love her as much as we do and as much as you love AJ.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It’s Not What You Say …

My mother’s words blared in my head as I read this posted sign at a local Middle School Saturday morning.

IMG_0314How often she would warn me it was not so much what I said but how I said it that got me into trouble.So it would seem with the administration and staff of this school.

The words, “Students Released at 12:15” made me think that inmates of this institution were being let loose into a world not prepared for this action. With a State Penitentiary located just across town from this school, it was not such a leap to connect the final day of school to the release of an inmate after serving his/her time in paying for his/her crime against society.

How much more civilized would the statement on this sign had sounded if they had chosen to use, “Students Dismissed at 12:15.”

Once again proving Mom was right… It is not what you say, but how you say it, that matters.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hey Moms ~ I Love Wet Weeds

AJ Hoosier Hug Pug's Morning WalkNeed any more be said. Little Pug-man AJ HoosierHugPug  just loves walking, crawling and rolling in wet weeds.

Waiting for Summer 2009

Sand and surf at the ready for the arrival of Summer 2009

On a gray, cool overcast June 2nd, the Lighthouse at the Harbor into Michigan City stands tall and silent as it awaits the riotous days of boaters, water skiers and swimmers.Light House in Michigan City, IN (2)

Cool June At Washington Park (2)

By Sea, By Air and By LandPleasure craft moored in the Washington Park Marina are also waiting to the days of Summer while a lone Seagull seems to be looking for the direction to  the nearest food supply.    

The air temperature on this cool June day never reached 65 degrees. With only 12 weeks for a ‘Summer Tourist Season’, warmer temps need to arrive soon and stay a spell.

For us locals, this is still one of the most beautiful sights God has blessed us with.  This quiet time allows us to enjoy this blessing to it’s fullest.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Intentions

Every day I awake with the resolve that today I will write an entry in this blog.

With drink and food near by, (I am actually working now from the kitchen table, how convenient can we get?), I open and fire up my new techno toy, the Acer Aspire One Netbook. Oh, had I not mentioned this new addition. Of course not that was a blog I meant to write three or four days ago….    My Acer Aspire One

Pictured here is the exact likeness of this wonderful new toy. Only to my great surprise and enjoyment, this is no toy. And it is my intention to use this to not only blog regularly but to respond more efficiently to emails and other net needs, what ever those may be…

But as you can see, my problem is that I get distracted very easily. Once again, my good intentions have been led astray.

I am not sure if I suffer from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) since at 66 years of age, can one suddenly be a victim of this disorder. Or could I have been suffering for all these years and just not known what to call it? I always blamed my ease to become board and distracted to the fact I am a Gemini and have dual personalities…

See this is just what I was trying to say. I intended to blog on one thing and have gone spinning in two or more other directions.

Well I did have good intentions. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to concentrate more and give full devotion to this bog… Or maybe not.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Daddy Is Only A Picture

George R. Novak

This is the only way I have ever known my Dad. As a picture Mom had hung on a wall, and in stories she shared with me.

There were not too many of the stories as Mom and Dad had married during World War II, just before he was to ship out for foreign lands.

Dad was a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy and a gunnery expert. He had been stationed in Michigan City, Indiana where there was a gunnery school as an instructor. Mom told how they had met at a local dance held for the men stationed here.

With his orders to ship-out the young lovers wed at Great Lakes Naval Station in Great Lakes, Ill., north of Chicago. It was not long before Mom’s was “with child”.

In January 1943, Dad, who was now stationed at the San Diego Naval Base preparing to ship out had been called to defuse a large gun on a battle ship during training maneuvers. According to articles in the newspapers, the gun had misfired and when Dad had reached to release the safety on the gun, the live shell had already began to spiral backwards and exploded. He suffered massive internal damage.

Mom traveled to be at his side and on February 2, 1943, George R. Novak, U.S. Navy, weighed anchor for his journey home. Dad had wished to be buried at sea and respecting this, he remains lay off the coast of San Diego at the U.S. Naval Station.

I made my debut on May 25, 1943. Three months and 23 days after his death.  According to legend, Dad had told my Mom that if I was a boy not to name me after him. But if I was go be a daughter, to  be named Georgette. (She was upset that I would be named after some “stinky material.” Wish she could see just how expensive this material is today!)

Though I never met my Dad and only know him through my Mother’s memories, I was and am proud to call myself a Navy Brat.

I still recite at sunsets, “Red at night, sailor’s delight. (A sign of fair weather to come) Red in the morning, sailor’s take warning. (Not so smooth sailing ahead.)

As a toddler I was given the honor to lay a wreath on the waters of Trial Creek on Memorial Day to honor our Naval Heroes. Today, 66 years and 23 days after offering his life that I may live in a country of Freedoms, I stand to salute you, Dad, and all the men and women who have sacrificed so much for we, the few.

Mom’s stories were far too few and over the years her memories grew even more painful to recall. Dad is a hero but I salute my Mom for the courage she had to continue with their dream.

They are together at last and I pray they look and see a daughter they can be proud of today as we Honor all our Heroes.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Simple Saturday

Remember when we looked at Saturday almost like Christmas. This magical day when we could sleep in pass the alarm. A day we knew there would be no classes, no homework and we could stay up so late… way pass the late news.

090523 Simple Saturday

It was also the day for clean sheets on the beds and the fresh smell of Pine-sol on the floors.

Sounds of a pinging bell from the Texaco Station across the street would float through the open window along with the intoxicating fumes of freshly pumped gasoline. There would several young boys with their rides (cars) parked near the work bays with the hoods up, standing look deep within the innards of the auto. Mack, the “auto guy”, would help these boys with changing spark plugs or tightening belts. Sometimes, we would see one of the younger boys run to a pump to help pump the gas for Mack, while he worked his magic under the hood so the boys could “cruise” later that evening along the “drag.”

Oh yes, these were the Simple Saturdays! Yes there are times I really long for those Simple days again.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Lily of the Valley Crocus

Signs that the long Sleep of Winter is over.

Life returns to a slumbering earth.

Bridial Wreath Those in love begin to think of wedding bells

Poppy buds

The first signs that the warmth of Summer is just around the bend.

Poppies in bloom

From the first glimpse of Poppy buds, my heart seems to pump just a little faster. I know that soon the Rice Paper like petals will soon blaze their Orange glow across the edge of our lawn.

For weeks I have not allowed anyone near the tender shoots with weed choppers or mowers for fear of losing the beauty about to be born here and having to wait another 365 days.

Oddly there are no imperfect blooms. Just the glowing orange red with the deep purple eyes greeting the warm Sun of Spring. Large PoppySadly it seems I am not the only one who waits for this Heavenly display each Spring. As I try to daily chronicle the progress of each bud to bloom, with hopes that they will form seed pods to insure next year field of splendor, I notice large holes where entire plant has either been ripped or dug from their home.

To whom ever is in such dire need of this Gift from God, they have a surprise as these flowers can not be transplanted and  grow only from the sowing of their seeds. I doubt that they , whom ever they are, will even read this much less any thing to learn about Poppies.

So I will try yet again, as God will allow, to wait until next Spring to count His blessings in my field of Orange.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Two Wrongs Do Not Make One Right

Do not hide your wrong doings behind our children. Imagine where they could be today had you not done away with these programs in the first place.


For as long as I can remember my home town, Michigan City, Indiana, offered career courses at our high school.

I grew up with Isaac C. Elston High School and St. Mary’s Roman Catholic High School as the only available institutions of higher learning before either college or entrance into the work-world.

At Elston (City) there were “Shop” courses offered in Automotive as well as Machines. While not wanted to stoop to the “Back in my day…”, but in the late 1950s and early 1960s a young man or woman could graduate high school and be equipped to enter a job in a factory, office or even begin a family having taken Home Economics, typing, shorthand and bookkeeping, as well as be ready to head to college.

The A.K. Smith Center, was home to a complete auto shop where students as well as residents could take their cars to be worked on, from oil changes to complete transmissions replaced.

It was in the early 1990s that teachers as school administrators decided that these types of courses were not pertinent for our young people as to preparing them for life after school. Not everyone is potential college material. Not everyone wants to be college material. But in not preparing our young to take a place in society unless they go to college, we have built generations of seemingly hopeless and helpless citizens. We have equated their value to a piece of paper that in many cases is not even worth the ink it is printed with. 

Michigan City Area Schools (MCAS) has a history, recent history, of not really providing a well rounded education for the children of the school district. More worried about appearance then content.

Now, unable to admit they, (Administrators and teachers) rushed to eliminate programs that helped equip young people to enter into a work-world, they added to the fry many students that are presented a diploma that may not have the skills needed to read said diploma or even understand what that parcel of paper signifies beyond “party time.”

Shame on all of you who now hide behind the banner of wanting to help the “children”, when you have been far more involved with – class size, number of “teacher days” or what ever has preoccupied your thoughts while children have sat in classes un-taught and learning that no one really cares.

You also want the Taxpayers in the MCAS to give you the go-ahead to spend nearly $40 million dollars to rectify your screw-ups.

We all love these children and know that are not just our future, they are our NOW! But two wrongs will not make this or anything else right.

Vote NO on Tuesday, May 19!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Made the Cut

090512 Spring Dune 1sm

A few weeks back I was asked to submit several paintings, along with other members of the Michigan City Art League, for possible inclusion in the groups new brochure.

I offered two watercolor pencil works, the one above and my latest attempt of catching the spirit of my pug, AJ. Never in my wildest imaginings did I think either would have a chance.

First, I am not a watercolorist in any shape or form. Second, I am just overjoyed when anyone looking at one of my endeavors can even begin to recognize what it is I had tried to draw and paint.

Well, just today, May 12, I got a call from Rose Petersen, president of MCAL to inform me that my Spring Dune was picked to be in the new brochure.

Pinch me… I think I am still dreaming. This has given me a resolve to keep trying to expand my inner artist. It is so easy to become discouraged, when we look at our work through our own eyes. So often we are our own worse critics.

Thank you Rose and MCAL for this honor and from the bottom of my heart I will never be able to tell you or show just how much this has meant to me. It came just when needed the most.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rambling On …

OMG! I have crossed into the Twilight Zone for real.

ND logo 1a

As I checked my morning paper The News-Dispatch I was some what surprised that they are actually attempting to get into the 21st Century by Tweeting.

You heard this right. The News-Dispatch is on Twitter.

Now I think this is a good move that they are making. Only hope they are more responsible in learning how to make it work for them and not against them.

As a former part of the print media as well as the Online world, it really pains me to hear of newspaper closing. Even the Boston Globe is having its problems.

It is very easy to most writers, editors and publishers to cast the stones at the Internet and say all their woes began with the World Wide Web. (Blame Al Gore for this as well, as the “Father” of the www.)

Several news outlets have caught on that it is better to let the world wide web work for you then to spend endless and meaningless efforts to thwart what is here.

CNN has a great relationship with the internet as well as Twitter. All hosts of CNN shows have Twitter sites as well as CNN itself.

The BBC as well at the New York Times. It is far past the time that regional and “small town” news media get with the 21st Century.

I am truly hopeful that with this step my own community will realize we are part of a much bigger picture.

We are a global people very hungry to know what is happening in every corner of the world. There is no “small news”, just something that someone somewhere is seeking to know. It is the media’s responsibility to bring it to the world’s attention, by every means that has been and will be made possible by the world of technology.

Welcome to the 21st Century! It is here and not leaving for another 91 years.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wanderings Of An Aging Mind

Also Known As ~ Life Is A Crap Shoot Beating The House Odds

As many already have guessed, I am not among the clearest of thinkers and confess openly to being of the Senior Generation.

Most of this week after Easter has been a blur. Do in part to my battle with a Spring Flu-Bug. Add into this mix an aging (rapidly) mind and other, “out side influences”, it is often a surprise that I am thinking at all. But then my wanderings here could be proof positive that I am not and should be or could be helped by being placed in a, “home.”

As you may have guessed by the name of my blog, I do have a tendency not to always hit the bulls-eye in my ramblings. I am literally “just off center.”

Even AJ HoosierHugPug seems to have rolled a “snake-eye”, in his attempt to beat the house odds. Perhaps he needs to hang out with some one graced with more luck than I?

Now, where was I again? Right, Spring Flu and wanderings of my fevered aged mind.

Easter Sunday was a bright, sun filled day, with just a slight chilly hint that Winter wanted to linger a bit longer. Monday and Tuesday. found Winter’s bad boy, chilly rain, drenching any post holiday plans. It was during a fitful rainy-day nap on Tuesday that this Spring Bug caught me in his grip and is refusing to let go.

Wednesday & most of Thursday were total losses to wild bouts of stomach-tossing and fevered sleep. The haze of days where dotted with futile attempts from Tom, the hubby, trying to force Pepto Bismo, Alka-Seltzer and food into me.

Like most animals, excluding human males, I just wanted to die alone, with hopes anyone coming upon my remains would respect my last wishes.

Not only to my surprise but those of the hubs, I seem to have survived the worse of this bugs attack and will recover to pre-Spring-flu condition.

Not right on center, just off Senter a bit. But then, like most of us, this could be your “normal” too.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Returns Home

Spring is known as the time of re-birth. Renewal of the promise of life. 090324 Springs here-8

It is also a reminder of home, family and hope.

Some families keep close and seemingly tight ties from one unit to the next. Daily contact and weekly gatherings are their norm.

Some families have a looser bond. A monthly phone call or even the once a year card for the big holiday or maybe if lucky a birthday.

Which ever the situation there is the ties to a firm corner stone called family that in times of need, trouble, doubt and hopeful expectation we turn to for the strokes and hugs of the familiar.

More important is knowing, no matter what, no matter how far, no matter how long since one has left there is always a road home.

There will always be a hug to greet and a warm plate of food. A bed to rest and a shoulder to snuggle into for comfort.

Home may not have the answers to your questions or woes, but home hold no judgment and allows you to grow. Home is where we seek refreshing time and to know that the roots are still supporting us when we feel alone.

A personal rule I strive to live by is this; There are no strangers here, only family we have yet to meet.

As long as there is a Sun, Moon and the heavenly stars, there will be a Spring. A reminder of life, past, present, and the promise of what is to be.

Yes, thankfully, like the Seasons, we all can find our way home. Again and again and again.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lining the Bird Cage

Personally, I am not a technophobe.
Over the weekend I even graduated to an iPhone.
So I could feel connected to my virtual community of the ehterworld no matter where I presently am at, with FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and every form of instant messaging, for fear my noisy want to be informed life will miss out on something BIG.

I am also one who feels totally lost with out my newspaper. On the days my Trib is not in the yard I am disoriented and lament how I will ever be able to fall asleep with out the late night reading of my paper. When customer service tells me our account will be credited for the missed paper, through gritting teeth I explain, "I just want my paper, now!"

Sadly, rough times and "economic instability" hits everywhere and everyone. It was announced today, March 24, 2009, that another newspaper will abandon it's print edition and be an online only news source.

I love my online news and as stated am not afraid of entering, living and functioning in the new age of technology. I rejoice daily that we no longer have to rub two sticks together in order to cook our food or warm our dwellings.

I love our Rain Forests and lose my breath at the grandeur of a Giant Redwood. I cry for the Polar bears and the disappearing of any species of life. That is why it is so sad to see even one aspect of the news media being tossed to the wind so to speak.

Where and with what will be fashion our paper airplanes or those tiny sailing ships that float in the basin in Central Park?

What will those who are or will be sleeping under bridges use to cover and warm themselves with? I personally can not envision them wrapping a laptop or iPod around their feet to keep warm.

Rover will soon need to be "laptop" trained in the quest of being "housebroken", and Tweetie's bird cage will be lined with an Apple Nano!

And Civilization as we know it will never be again!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brushing Up The Brush Strokes

A humble attempt to capture the character and personality of my pug~love, AJ. Besides being my second best buddy, he is my muse and true confidant.

Wisdom of the Dynasties

At last the brushes seem to be willing to follow my commands. This is not usual for me and watercolors. I have found that most of the time I end up with a "gray like" blob that I try to explain was to have been either a country escape landscape or reflections of a vase of Summer flowers.

Here is my attempt at "loose" use of watercolors that I have called Spring Gold.

Thank goodness as I was working on this my husband at least knew he was looking at "yellow flowers."

It has been too long since I had even looked at my paint box much less picked up a brush, but that goodness the paints were not dried out and the brushes still we soft.

The Michigan City Art League and a great friend, Mary Bolinger has given me hope that I may still be able to enjoy brushing up my brush strokes! Thank you so much for being just who you are!

This photo was my inspiration
for AJ's portrait.
I still want to do this in oils/acrylics


Saturday, February 28, 2009

When I Am Old

How many times during the procession from "childhood" to "adulthood" did I declare in bold voice, "Well, when I grow up...", ending as often with what I would not do as with what I would do.

Not so oddly there is a poem about "When I Am Old I Will Wear Purple" by Jenny Joseph.

Never at any stage have I feared wearing purple. I even had a bright orange leather coat along with a bright yellow one for Spring-wear. As I have grown older my color range has broaden to include wacky patterns and Zebra glamor galore. From jewelry, shoes, purses, wraps, dresses and yes pant suites. Breaking with the expected and the norm is just my way.

So Purple smurple.... who knows what I will wear when I grow old. Like Ms. Joseph, I still have a rebel soul that is unwilling to bend to conventional forms just because someone says this is what should be.

As I face what some would say are the later years in this procession of life, I continue to explore just what it is I really want to do when I grow up. Which is my way of saying growing up and/or older is one in the same.

To never loose the wonderment of a child at a new discovery is something to hold on to dearly. To have dreams for a tomorrow that can fill your todays is something to strive for. Keep a rebel spirit and you can not go wrong.

Ask questions. Do not be satisfied with "pat answers". Continue to seek your truth!

Follow you gut! Go with what you know in your heart is right. Don't look back... keep a forward stance and know that somewhere someone will look and say, "There is someone who is living life their way!"

When I am old I will not only wear purple and zebra prints but I will be young enough to wonder who it is that determines who is old.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hard Work + Love = Special Treats

AJ HoosierHugPug enjoys the Snow Patrol

He dreams of the special treats he earns for doing the job of keeping cats out of his yard.

It is a long and never ending job as those cats can be hiding behind the next snow mound!

Thoughts of the Chicken Livers sautéing on Moms stove fortifies the working pug to push on!

The aroma greets AJ, sending tantalizing sensations through out this excited pup!
"Oh boy! I am all set for this!," thinks the salivating Pug.

After being told that the livers need to cool, dad suggest they take a ride.
"Oh Boy! This is really my lucky day!," AJ barks.
There is nothing like Puggie Love as AJ snuggles with moms on his ride.
"This is the life! Hugs from moms and chicken livers to eat when we get home!"

"Ah! Now I can just relax and dream of what I will do when I catch that cat! Wonder if moms will give me a whole chicken when that happens!"