Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brushing Up The Brush Strokes

A humble attempt to capture the character and personality of my pug~love, AJ. Besides being my second best buddy, he is my muse and true confidant.

Wisdom of the Dynasties

At last the brushes seem to be willing to follow my commands. This is not usual for me and watercolors. I have found that most of the time I end up with a "gray like" blob that I try to explain was to have been either a country escape landscape or reflections of a vase of Summer flowers.

Here is my attempt at "loose" use of watercolors that I have called Spring Gold.

Thank goodness as I was working on this my husband at least knew he was looking at "yellow flowers."

It has been too long since I had even looked at my paint box much less picked up a brush, but that goodness the paints were not dried out and the brushes still we soft.

The Michigan City Art League and a great friend, Mary Bolinger has given me hope that I may still be able to enjoy brushing up my brush strokes! Thank you so much for being just who you are!

This photo was my inspiration
for AJ's portrait.
I still want to do this in oils/acrylics