Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lining the Bird Cage

Personally, I am not a technophobe.
Over the weekend I even graduated to an iPhone.
So I could feel connected to my virtual community of the ehterworld no matter where I presently am at, with FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and every form of instant messaging, for fear my noisy want to be informed life will miss out on something BIG.

I am also one who feels totally lost with out my newspaper. On the days my Trib is not in the yard I am disoriented and lament how I will ever be able to fall asleep with out the late night reading of my paper. When customer service tells me our account will be credited for the missed paper, through gritting teeth I explain, "I just want my paper, now!"

Sadly, rough times and "economic instability" hits everywhere and everyone. It was announced today, March 24, 2009, that another newspaper will abandon it's print edition and be an online only news source. http://tinyurl.com/chuwrx

I love my online news and as stated am not afraid of entering, living and functioning in the new age of technology. I rejoice daily that we no longer have to rub two sticks together in order to cook our food or warm our dwellings.

I love our Rain Forests and lose my breath at the grandeur of a Giant Redwood. I cry for the Polar bears and the disappearing of any species of life. That is why it is so sad to see even one aspect of the news media being tossed to the wind so to speak.

Where and with what will be fashion our paper airplanes or those tiny sailing ships that float in the basin in Central Park?

What will those who are or will be sleeping under bridges use to cover and warm themselves with? I personally can not envision them wrapping a laptop or iPod around their feet to keep warm.

Rover will soon need to be "laptop" trained in the quest of being "housebroken", and Tweetie's bird cage will be lined with an Apple Nano!

And Civilization as we know it will never be again!