Saturday, June 14, 2008

Buddy Day aka Father's Day

It's Buddy Day

Right from the first I knew Daddy was a push over. I didn't even have to use my puggy look, he just grabbed me from Mommy's arms and began to fuss... I had him forever in my grip.

Now I was meant to be Moms pup, but even on the very first day, it was Dad who insisted that he would take me out in the mornings. He would come home for lunch, so we could eat together and make sure I got sometime in the grass. Dinner time was the same... soon my Buddy and I were inseparable...

I learned how to hook up DVD players and install all kinds of electrical gadgets. My Buddy aka Dad, loves gadgets. Even though Moms will cook my food, I will not eat unless my Buddy is here to eat with me... this kind of upsets the Moms... but hey... we Buds stick together...

I just want to tell my Big Daddy that I loves him and am so glad we are buddies. I love having him chase me as I run with his sock or try to fit into his shoes. He know what treats I like the best and makes sure every day they are all laid out so Moms won't get confused and give me something I won't like... like dog food....blah...uckkkk...

So Dad, I hope you enjoy this Father's day... and know that I will be eager to do all the
Buddy things we do... like long early morning walks, sharing your lunch, and grabbing your socks... And I will even see that you get to rest and protect you while you nap...

Thanks Dad... I think you know... I love you... I am so thankful Moms brought me home to YOU!

As told by AJ HoosierHugPug to his Moms

The Wonders of Nature and New Discoveries

Life is one of those things that just seem to happen best when we are not really looking.

Nature always amazes me! With all the chaos in the world, nature manages to retain it's order and continue the ebb and flow of what is at the core of being.

I had seen the mother and father of this family for several mornings on my way to work. Finally I just has to try to capture how well they had managed to keep their young one in tow while leading them into their new world.

From the safety of a hidden nest, each morning the parents led their brood across a well traveled road to reach the banks of Trail Creek. There I am sure the young received lessons in how to manage the water way filled with pleasure seeking boaters and thrill seeking fishermen.

After a full day of lessons, well taught and dutifully learned, the parents would gather the young once again on the banks of the creek and begin to retrace the morning journey to the safety of their hidden home across the busy road.

I am so thankful they allowed me a few glimpses of this remarkable journey into their new world.

Oddly they even seemed to enjoy the radio program I had been listening to while filming this remarkable family unit.

If only we humans would take as much time and care to prepare our young for their world discoveries.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Knock Wood, I am not a total superstition freak. In less then two hours I will be able to say I survived the one and only Friday the 13th of 2008.

No black cats or need to walk under ladders. It has been a very decent and somewhat uneventful 24 hours. The rain held off so we did not have to open an umbrella in the house nor did we have hats on the bed.... see I said I wasn't a total superstition freak...

Now if only we can all survive until January 21, 2009... That is the challenge now set before all of us... Crossing fingers, toes and eyes... hanging strings of garlic and gathering bottles of Holy Water in attempt to stave off the Conservative blood suckers... GWB aka John McCain the count is on.....

Random Thoughts of an Aging Sort

Watercolor pencil drawing of a Sunset on the Southern Shores of Lake Michigan
Lighthouse at Washington Park, Michigan City, IN.

Fine aged French wine. Aged sharp blue cheese. Aged Japanese Kobe Beef.

Just three items that makes one salivate with delight over the aging process.

Now add to this mix our own aging and quickly faces grimace, bodies shake and voices rise in denial.

How well we accept the age of what goes into us but find unacceptable the age we have achieved.

While it is popular to say 50 is the new 40 and 60 the new 50, in actuality for the majority of mankind (and this includes womankind as well) that is just not the case. We seem to adopt this way of counting as yet another mode of denial of the reality of life. (If your allowed to survive this long, this will happen to you... face it.)

Now at 65 years of life, I personally have no desire to say, "I am at the new 55." No I am 65. Glad and somewhat relieved and proud to have reached this mile marker of life. Still putting in 40 hours a week, enjoying life with my husband of 38 years, still worrying over a mature 30 something daughter, and learning to look at life through the mystical eyes of our Pug, AJ.

I have no desire to turn back time to a long gone decade. I am thankful to have survived to tell about it not relive it.

There are days I may wish I had a lighter spring in my steps or less character lines greeting me each morning, but as my body, who speaks to me in the most intimate fashion says, "Been there, done that, I don't think so!"

Age and maturity has nothing to do with growing old or growing up. I will never be old as long as I remain in the NOW. Growing up is for those who choose not to dream. I will never give up dreaming.

From where I was to where I am, I may have come a long way. But I still have far too many things I want to try, places to explore and friends yet to meet. This journey has just managed to shift into second gear and I am ready to roll.

I'll be looking for you just around the bend in the road... I will greet you with a smile and a big Hoosier Hug!