Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Returns Home

Spring is known as the time of re-birth. Renewal of the promise of life. 090324 Springs here-8

It is also a reminder of home, family and hope.

Some families keep close and seemingly tight ties from one unit to the next. Daily contact and weekly gatherings are their norm.

Some families have a looser bond. A monthly phone call or even the once a year card for the big holiday or maybe if lucky a birthday.

Which ever the situation there is the ties to a firm corner stone called family that in times of need, trouble, doubt and hopeful expectation we turn to for the strokes and hugs of the familiar.

More important is knowing, no matter what, no matter how far, no matter how long since one has left there is always a road home.

There will always be a hug to greet and a warm plate of food. A bed to rest and a shoulder to snuggle into for comfort.

Home may not have the answers to your questions or woes, but home hold no judgment and allows you to grow. Home is where we seek refreshing time and to know that the roots are still supporting us when we feel alone.

A personal rule I strive to live by is this; There are no strangers here, only family we have yet to meet.

As long as there is a Sun, Moon and the heavenly stars, there will be a Spring. A reminder of life, past, present, and the promise of what is to be.

Yes, thankfully, like the Seasons, we all can find our way home. Again and again and again.