Friday, July 11, 2008


When AJ and I first stumbled on to Dogster, similar to My Space, but for dogs (there is also Catster, and your right it is for cats), little did we know what a life changing and enhancing day that would be.

At Dogster you have every bred of dog God has created and some extras, but unlike most humans, the furkids there just seem to get along so well.

Being a pug, we went looking for pug people and found some really great new friends. The first group that I wandered into was For The Love Of Pugs. FLOP!!!!

Everyone there made us feel so welcome and at home! It wasn't long before AJ was wanting to play with his new friends everyday. He soon discovered he was making friends around the world and they all had one thing in common... how to get more treats from their humans! They, the pugs and pups, would share their secret plots and coy maneuvers of twisting we humans to do their bidding.

Mean while the humans share, through their furkids, tips on how not to be maneuvered by the coy brown eyed "child" begging at your feet. If we are honest, the begging works 99% of the time.

We share the good times, when house-training works and the sad times when one of ours has made their final journey to Rainbow Bridge.

We bow heads and fold paws if one of our loved furkids is ill, we also share our experiences with illnesses, special diets and rescuing pups who have extreme needs.

AJ & I just want to salute the founders of Dogster and acknowledge the vision they brought to us and so many others. We also want to thank our FLOP family, for that is what we are, a family... for all the love and care and FUN we have every day.

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  1. Mom doesn't know what she would have done if she hadn't had FLOP in our lives to support us through the hard times and make us laugh in the good times.
    we love you AJ and Aunty Gee!!
    Howie and the fattymuffins in Texas