Saturday, August 2, 2008

Job Reviews Part 2

Since we agree that job reviews can be a bit demeaning I was thinking that perhaps it is time we united and gave meaningful and real reviews of our jobs!

Questions that should (must) be addressed are as follows:
  1. General work conditions.
  2. Break times and Break room conditions. (This question could be broken in to two separate and equal components if so desired.)
  3. Bathroom facilities (Are they cleaned daily, weekly, monthly or never? Is bath tissue provided ? Is there soap for washing of hands? Is there a means to dry wet hands? Does the bathrooms smell? Good/Bad)
  4. Is there ample parking for employees and is it in close proximity to employee entrance.
  5. How soon does the insurance kick in?
  6. Paid holidays.
  7. Paid Sick Days.
  8. Paid Personal Days.
  9. Wellness/Wholeness Days.
  10. Short and Long term leave.
  11. If doing computer work, are you given a break from gazing at the screen and typing every hour as suggested by OSHA. As a working in a desk job you are also more likely to have the possibility to form blood clots. Does your employer provide ample leg room and time for you to move way from your desk and walk around to keep the blood flowing.)
  12. Are you allowed to have fun during the work day?
  13. Is there a possibility of "out sourcing" the position you are now employed to do or to be "down sized" in the very near future?
Now these may not seem all that important to someone who needs a job, but when given some thought these are very pertinent questions to one's working conditions and peace of mind. Personally I believe it is the workers right to know the answers to these and what ever other questions you may have before accepting a position or agreeing to sign you latest job review.

Disclaimer: It is not suggested that you implement this review without much thought and perhaps know before hand this is just for your personal files. In no way should you ever send a Job Review of your company to any member of the company's board or executive officers. The order of the above questions are not necessarily the order of importance. They are just the random musings of a nearly senile old woman.

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