Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Ends Insigth ... Hold On Just A Bit Longer....

Hold on just a bit longer (for 8 days from now, to be exact)!!!

What seems to me to have been several lifetimes ago this political nonsense started and for all this time we (the people of this dear land) have been bombarded with, "Pick me!" "No, pick me!"

Both, Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin claim they know what is ailing the country and they have the cure!!!

Know what it is????


All four of the aboved named are college grads, or they have attended institutes of higher learning. Well ,I am here to tell you and them, a high school drop out knows that much (and in many cases, more).

Blue State or Red State, America is a land of hurt.

The "band-aids" that have been tossed out across the land have not even begun to dress the gapping wounds of two wars, an economy that is non-existent, and families feeling near hopelessness.

Look around you. Just down your street, how many have or are about to lose jobs because the company has, or is "downsizing". Which is PC for, "Hey Buddy, your fired!"

How many are standing to lose their homes? Their cars? Their families?

Whom ever does "win" on Nov. 4, 2008, will not have an easy road to travel.

We American's have grown accustomed to quick fixes. Just pop a pill and all will be better in a hour or two. Or at least the pain will be dulled.

Sadly there will not be easy fixes for the ills we have all contributed to. Many caused because of our addiction to quick fixes.

Do get up and vote. It is the single most important thing you can do in you life. Don't just think your voting by wearing an American Flag Pin. Be brave and show what your heart is wearing. Get into the Polling Booth on Nov. 4, 2008 and VOTE!

Then, even if your not so incline to pray, this may be a good time to grasp this habit and begin to pray.

Pray for and with whom ever the mantel of leadership falls on. Their desire to stand at the helm of this great and mighty ship will be answered. As I see it, there will be no quick fixes or easy answers. We will all need to roll up our sleeves, and prepare to work together as never before to put this country back on course.

Hold on tight America, this could be a very bumpy ride.

Anyway, that is how I see it from here, just a bit off Senter.

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