Monday, January 26, 2009

Frozen Crimson Beauty

During a recent snow storm it seemed like nothing living could or would be caught out in the depths of the wind, snow and sub-zero climate. But somehow these Crimson beauties still sang their song of praise from the Bittersweet bushes that grow wild in the woods.

On the same day the birds sang we watch from the warmth of our home as a "tailless" cat may have been stalking his dinner. All though he really did not appear to have missed too many dinners at all!

There is a family of "Feral" Cats living in the woods, but we are not sure if he/she is a part of this most secretive clan.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Gee! I wonder if that is a little manx kitty? it has a look of a bobcat!
    stay warm my friend.
    love and hugs from texas...

  2. Funny but that is what I told Tom that this was a very, very large cat and that it may have been a Manx. Not too many of them around. Love the warm hugs and love from Texas.