Saturday, May 23, 2009

Simple Saturday

Remember when we looked at Saturday almost like Christmas. This magical day when we could sleep in pass the alarm. A day we knew there would be no classes, no homework and we could stay up so late… way pass the late news.

090523 Simple Saturday

It was also the day for clean sheets on the beds and the fresh smell of Pine-sol on the floors.

Sounds of a pinging bell from the Texaco Station across the street would float through the open window along with the intoxicating fumes of freshly pumped gasoline. There would several young boys with their rides (cars) parked near the work bays with the hoods up, standing look deep within the innards of the auto. Mack, the “auto guy”, would help these boys with changing spark plugs or tightening belts. Sometimes, we would see one of the younger boys run to a pump to help pump the gas for Mack, while he worked his magic under the hood so the boys could “cruise” later that evening along the “drag.”

Oh yes, these were the Simple Saturdays! Yes there are times I really long for those Simple days again.

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