Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heaps of FUN!

When the wind blows the leaves will fall….

IMG_0774AJ HoosierHugPug has had four Fall seasons under his belt and only gets excited for the leave blanket on the first day. After that he is only concerned with remembering which are his friends and which are not… He seems to have forgotten his attempts to bring his favorite leafs in the house where they would be safe and he could play with them longer…. 


Ms Jelli Bean finds it almost impossible to contain herself after discovering the carpet of brown, yellow and gold. She even pleaded innocent to having anything to do with the state of her yard. “I just came out and it was here. Honest!”, she barked at each leaf.

She also discovered that when she ran through the deep cover there was a crunching sound. She would pause to see where it was coming from but then she did not hear it… We enjoyed her attempts to bring her favorite one in with her for more play.


AJ convinced his sister that if she left them outside they would be well taken care of and there for her to play with the next time she is out.  He is not to sure she will understand when there is all the cold white stuff on top of them just where they have gone… But he will take care of that when it happens…. now he has a sister to avoid and chicken strips to hide….

Good by dear heaps of leafs… See you all later… Like next November…

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