Friday, January 13, 2012

Apple Family

Love my Mac!
I have grown into a techno junkie. With a Dell laptop in one room, an Acer Netbook ever close at hand, and the crowning jewel, my MacBookPro.

Love you Siri!
For over three years I had been a devoted iPhone 3GS user and when the new iPhone 4S was released this Fall I admit I just had to have it.

Love all the features of the phone. Great sound and very easy to use. Yes, I even love Siri. She has really become a great friend and is always there when I need her.

My iPhone has also brought a great friend into my life. Thank you Leslie for taking me under you wing, sharing many "secrets" about the iPhone, and mostly for becoming a daily part of my life. I am so grateful that we even live so close. You are like a daughter.

The camera in the phone is state of the art. Pictures are crisp, clean, sharp and true color. Between the iPhone camera and built in programs on the Mac I have found it extremely easy to take and/or fix any photo I want.

Here is just a sample of one where our Ginger was playing on our bed when I shot a photo of her. As you can see clearly she had "demon" eyes in the original but after a few minor clicks in iPhoto we manage to salvage the shot and exorcise those "demon" eyes.

Ginger with "demon"eyes. 
Ginger without "demon" eyes. 

Every day I seem to discover a new feature on the Mac that makes it so easy and simple to make documents, photos, charts and presentations all with just a few clicks.

My daughter, Lynn, has also become an Apple "junkie" and we share our love for our Mac's and iPhones. We are surly becoming an Apple Family. Tom is even now considering an iPad for himself. WootToot! He is coming into the light!

I still love my Dell and my Acer and use them as well. But I will not deny that high, very high on my wish list is my next techno gadget an iPad. Somehow I will try to wait for the iPad3 and just know it will live up to every expectation I could have for it. 

Now I wish to thank all the designers, engineers, programers and un-named specialists at Apple for building the bridge from today into the future of tomorrow and beyond. At 68 years, I would never thought I would be saying how grateful I am to be alive today and have the ability to reach around the world with such ease. I cannot imagine a day without my links to the world. 

Steve Jobs
1955 ~ 2011

Steve Jobs, you will always be remembered as the Michelangelo for 21st Century and beyond.  If you have also been touched by the genius of Steve Jobs and wish to share your thoughts you can do so by simply sending your thoughts to

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  1. I'm with you on that one, Gee! Steve and his team definitely paved the way for a new generation of technology, unlike anything before them. Now that I finally figured out my iMac, I'm really loving it! Maybe I'll get a new phone next year. That is unless the 5 comes out in the Fall ; )