Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Sounds Remembered

I love the sounds of summer. From the quite pre-dawn calls of the woodland birds to the mid-day clamor of youngsters at play. There is just something different about Summer Sounds.

Weekends that begin with the swoosh and swash of a push lawn mower, or the zroooming of a power mower that continue with the spit -spat of the sprinkler set to encourage the next weeks growth, lend to the ear a different meaning of life.

Time seems to hang, almost suspended and surreal, as you hear the clink and clank of swings and the giggles of youngsters as they spray themselves and each other with the cold relief of a garden hose.

As evening approaches there come the tingling sound of bells, mixed with calliope music that grows ever louder and then the gleeful shrill, "The Ice Cream Man," resounding a call of attack from every yard for blocks.

There is that quite time just as the stars of Summer begin to dot a darkening sky, then the soft coo of a dove calling to her mate to return home for the night. Silence that is broken by the distant song of a far off train carrying people and produce to far away dreamed of destinations.

These are the Summer Sounds memory has held for dreams.


  1. Oh so true Gee. How I love the sounds of summer too! The girls and their friends in the pool, the beautiful birds singing their songs, the a/c . . . I like that one MUCH better than the heat! LOL!

    Enjoy every single day of Summer! Rain or shine.


  2. Oh those memories are so lovely of summer. I remember all of them. I lived on a farm and I would hear the fan from the barn hum for most of the day. And the crickets and other little bugs that made a few noises as well. Summer is a lovely time to listen to nature and the babbling of a nearby brook/creek. Thank you for reminding us of these summer sounds, Gee!

    Debbi :o)

  3. What a nice thought, Gee. I love the poppy photo, too.
    love and hugs from Texas,
    Nancy and the fatties