Saturday, June 21, 2008

Etiquette 101: Fine Dinning (It Pays To Have Manners)

Hi, this is AJ HoosierHugPug ;o]

s the Pug of the Realm, I know how to present myself in public. It is always best to have impeccable table
manners. A lot can be learned about your character by how you conduct yourself in public and around food. And with more restaurants adding Out-Door Dinning, the chance of being invited to one of these finer establishments have increased greatly. It is our hope that all Pugs and pups can learn a valued lesson and be included in the family's night out.

"Thank you, this table is perfect."

When taking you seat at table try to make eye contact with the person
who is responsible for seating you.
It is also wise to look around so you will know exactly where your table is located in case you have need to leave and then return. You do not want to seat yourself at the wrong table. After placing your order, you may continue to examine you surroundings and your table.

When being served, thank the person who brought the food you ordered and remember

Give Thanks for you Blessings!

Choose a portion of food, trying not to look as if you are playing at the table, enjoy you meal.This means no scarfing of your food. Remember you're not at home, no food fights.

It is proper to end you meal with a relaxing tummy rub and even to catch a few "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ".

Now we hope you will not only be invited to enjoy an
evening of fine food and company, but that you will be known as a Pug Extrodinaire!

***Disclaimer for ASPCA:
No Pug was harmed in the process of making this instructional and informational seminar.
No food or treats were wasted in the making of this instructional and informational seminar.
See Slide Show at right for full detail pictures of a AJ's dinning tips.
Thank you and we hope you will watch for future instruction and information on Pug & Pup manners!


  1. Wow AJ, what a gentleman you are! There's no way I could control myself in such a situation. The bone would be MINE! BOL!

    Puggy Luv,

  2. AJ, AJ!!

    Hey do you think you can teach me some more of dat ettiqute stuff...I wanna be ready fer the "big time" at a restryant.

    Your Pal,
    Mister Lou :o)