Thursday, July 3, 2008

Do Dummies Blogg

Go on say it. You know you want to. It is nothing I haven't already said a thousand times.

There is a book, website, and a know-it-all for every situation and condition known to mankind. After a few weeks of "blogging", which by the way is not a word accepted by a computer's dictionary, (ummm, wonder what that's about?), reading different blogs and those of my friends, I began to think, "Why am I doing this?"

I never wrote a diary when I was young. I took some "journaling" seminars a few years ago, which when I look back or re-read seem really dumb. So why would I even try to put my thoughts, my opinions, my words out for the entire world to see and read.

In an effort to show support, my husband bought me my on copy of
Blogging for Dummies 2nd Edition. Now I am not too sure he meant that I was being dumb or that this entire Blogging is dumb, but the authors of the book seem to be the really smart folks, as they are making dollars trying to tell us how not to be dumb about blogging.

In just 384 pages you too can learn that possibly only Dummies Blog and Smarties write books about Blogging for Dummies that the Dummies pay to read.

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  1. well put Gee! ha haa!

    I blog for fun ; )