Friday, November 14, 2008

Autumn in Indiana and New Adventures

There are songs about Autumn in New England, but from where I sit, this Mid-western scene is none too shabby.

The golds and reds are as vibrent in the Hoosier Sunshine as they could be anywhere.

As awesome the view may be it is sadly a reminder that all too soon we will have vistas of white to stare at for what will seem an eternity.

Take care not to go snow blind... it can and has happened.

As from where I sit... new adventures are on the horizion... I have retired from the hectic world of punching a clock and now am reconnecting with home and years of "I'm too tired this weekend" housework.

This should all prove very interesting as we, husband, pug and I adjust to this new or shall I say returning role as Domestic Goddess... Rosanne was not the first you know....

See you all soon, now that I will have more time to spend exploring and expressing my just off Senter views.

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