Sunday, November 23, 2008

Traditions and Memories

Most, if not all of our fondest memories relate in someway to food.Food, that is essential to life, is what life is built on and around.
As many prepare for the Annual Thanksgiving Day food orgy we remember not only family and friends from past feasts but the dishes set before us.Aunt Bea's braised beans, Dad's Deviled Eggs, or even Busha's Lime Jell-O molded salad...

Recently my cousin Patty, reminded my of this holiday tradition and wondered if I had the recipe. Not wanting to seem ungrateful to our Grandmother and our shared memories I assured her I did... Well, I didn't but I hoped I could find one close to Busha's that it would pass.
A search for Lime Jell-O recipes led me to a very unlikely source and to the exact recipe...

Google led me to I know the name almost turned me off as well and I am a smoker.
To my surprise I found the exact recipe I was looking for and more. The site supposedly belongs to a Léon Brocard, aka Acme. But all of these links just seem to deepen the mystery of this site and the person or persons responsible for all the wonderful and delightful food and memories to be found here.How Léon managed not find and collect the links to all this wonderful food and then give us a way to search for our memories not only by name but by ingredient is amazing and awesome. Like me, so often we only know what was in a dish and then more often then not, just one or two items. You can not even do that at the Food Network. So if you are searching for that one dish that mean the entire holiday to you or your family but can not recall how to make it... check out the recipes at Léon's, who knows you may just find Aunt Bea's Braised Beans there as well.From where I sit, Just Off Senter, it is true what old Will Shakespeare said, "A rose by any other name will smell as sweet." Remember not to judge a site by it's first page.

Oh and while you at it....

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