Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well, Moms Done It Now…


Hey Howie, know what is going on at my house?

090418 AJ & his thinking chair

Well, I will tell you.

Moms has been praying for another pug. I am not sure why when she says I am a pug full, but she was. Then last week she packs up a bag and some stuff… leaves the daddy and me and off she goes.

I am going to see Auntie Sandy,” she says. She is my BBs (Best Buddy) CurlieMoe’s mommy, as well as his sisters, Ms. Oprah and Princess Leia. They live in a far away land called Virginia. I wanted to go with her but the moms said I had to stay and keep an eye on the daddy.

Well, long story short, she was gone a long time. Two whole night sleeps and many naps later the moms came home. But, she was not alone.

090720559 The BeanLook, AJ, I brought you a baby sister,” says the moms. I know almost right away this means trouble. I remembers when your “baby sister”, Annabelle came to live with you and Java. I thought I would have a puggy stroke. (Howie, please do not let those innocent eye fool you… she is smart and plotting something, I can just tell! She may be tiny but she is mighty…. at one pound 8 ounces… all trouble!)

Well, the moms and daddy is calling her, Jelli Bean. Or Bean, or Jelli, or Princess Baby… ugh… almost choke on that one. I call her, Wigglebutt Barkiebaby, cause she wiggles all over and gives me this yappy toy bark like I am really going to listen to her.

Bean has her own bed, food and toys. Know what she does… eats all her food likes we is gonna take it away and then wants to eat mine. She just hops over to my dish and starts eating. This is very rude, right? She really needs to learn some puggy manners… like ask and wait while I decide if I wants to share.

I know you is locked up and down while your knee gets better but if you could find a way to let me know how to handle a Wigglebutt Barkiebaby I will be forever in you debt.

Your Pal in Indiana

AJ HoosierHugPug ;o]

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