Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Princess Jelli Bean

jelly_bean3 (2)jelly_bean 1(2) 

Oh, I've seen her in person, she's as delicate as a feather, small as a thimble, pretty as a rose bud and faster than supersonic pug speed, even speed demon AJ will have his paws full.... she is also an extremely charismatic little thing, and yes she would have fit in my pocket! Auntie Aveline   

After asking, begging and giving final ultimatums, Tom has agreed that we can venture into the land of multiple Pugs.

There is a very true saying that Pugs are like potato chips. You can’t have just one.

Princess Jelli Bean, aka Jelly Belly, The Bean, Lil Sprout, Princess, PJB, or Darling, is the daughter of Leia and CurlieMoe Ashby of Grundy, VA., and the niece of Oprah Ashby, Grundy. The union of Leia and CurlieMoe brought a total of 28  puggy paws into a world of Love! Five of Jelli’s siblings have found forever homes near Grundy.

Jelli and her brother, The Goblin, have had to travel many miles to their forever homes. Goblin is living near Baltimore with Auntie Avie, while Jelli will be arriving at her Hoosier Home this weekend.

Hold on AJ, just a few more days and your sisfur will be home.

Oh, Tom, AJ and I want you to know we are very thankful for this gift of Jelli. We know you will love her as much as we do and as much as you love AJ.

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