Monday, June 16, 2008

Enlighten Truth

Oh seekers of truth, let my introduce you to the Enlighten Ayatollah Mugsy.

If you have not heard his teachings or read them you are in for the most enlightening time on the Internet.

Mugsy has a point of view and a understanding of the world far beyond the normal intelligence of any living soul on this or any other planet.

Please do not just take my word, or anyone's word for this as fact until you have visited with this Holy and Devote Teacher of the Truth.

You can also visit Ayatollah Mugsy at his home on Dogster at
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Pug Life Ministries
The Supreme Leader of the Nation of Pugistan, Ayatollah Mugsy does enjoy a humble abode in the large state of Texas, near the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and works closely with many Pug Rescue Groups around the State.

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  1. Gee, your dad's day slideshow is so cute! It looks like somebody was crowned and somebody got to go exploring in the weeds and somebody had something delicious to eat. What better day could there be?
    hugs from Texas,
    Nancy and the fatties