Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Wonders of Nature and New Discoveries

Life is one of those things that just seem to happen best when we are not really looking.

Nature always amazes me! With all the chaos in the world, nature manages to retain it's order and continue the ebb and flow of what is at the core of being.

I had seen the mother and father of this family for several mornings on my way to work. Finally I just has to try to capture how well they had managed to keep their young one in tow while leading them into their new world.

From the safety of a hidden nest, each morning the parents led their brood across a well traveled road to reach the banks of Trail Creek. There I am sure the young received lessons in how to manage the water way filled with pleasure seeking boaters and thrill seeking fishermen.

After a full day of lessons, well taught and dutifully learned, the parents would gather the young once again on the banks of the creek and begin to retrace the morning journey to the safety of their hidden home across the busy road.

I am so thankful they allowed me a few glimpses of this remarkable journey into their new world.

Oddly they even seemed to enjoy the radio program I had been listening to while filming this remarkable family unit.

If only we humans would take as much time and care to prepare our young for their world discoveries.

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  1. Aren't they adorable! The dad looks a little sceptical of you Gee, but he is determined.

    Thanks for sharing : )