Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Waiting for Summer 2009

Sand and surf at the ready for the arrival of Summer 2009

On a gray, cool overcast June 2nd, the Lighthouse at the Harbor into Michigan City stands tall and silent as it awaits the riotous days of boaters, water skiers and swimmers.Light House in Michigan City, IN (2)

Cool June At Washington Park (2)

By Sea, By Air and By LandPleasure craft moored in the Washington Park Marina are also waiting to the days of Summer while a lone Seagull seems to be looking for the direction to  the nearest food supply.    

The air temperature on this cool June day never reached 65 degrees. With only 12 weeks for a ‘Summer Tourist Season’, warmer temps need to arrive soon and stay a spell.

For us locals, this is still one of the most beautiful sights God has blessed us with.  This quiet time allows us to enjoy this blessing to it’s fullest.

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